Tiaan De Jager

Tiaan De Jager

Velociti Group CEO

Tiaan is an esteemed professional with nearly a decade of dedicated service in the financial industry. His journey commenced in 2014 when he embarked on an enriching career as a Wealth Advisor at Attooh Financial Wellness. Over the years, Tiaan’s trajectory in the field has been marked by his exceptional versatility and impactful roles.

Throughout his tenure, Tiaan embraced diverse responsibilities, serving as a Financial Advisor, Asset Consultant, and ultimately ascending to the position of Managing Director. His journey has been defined by the pursuit of comprehensive expertise in crucial domains, including investments, life insurance and risk benefits, and practice management.

Tiaan’s academic journey reflects his commitment to excellence. He holds a distinguished B Com Hons in Financial Management Sciences, an achievement that underscores his dedication to advancing his understanding of the financial landscape. Moreover, he has fortified his knowledge with a Postgraduate Diploma in Investments, a testament to his unwavering pursuit of mastery in his field.

Demonstrating his commitment to professional growth, Tiaan achieved the RE5 and RE1 qualifications through Moonstone in 2016. His diligence extended to the completion of the requisite Supervision period for Key Individual, positioning him as a trusted and seasoned authority in his domain. Presently, Tiaan is on the cusp of attaining co-registration as the co-Key Individual for Velociti Investment Managers and the Key Individual for Velociti Financial Services.

Tiaan’s visionary outlook came to fruition in 2021 when he co-founded the Empire Group, a venture that later evolved into the esteemed Velociti. Under his leadership, Velociti has burgeoned into a comprehensive entity with six subsidiary branches, each devoted to specific facets of holistic financial planning. In a landmark move, Tiaan played a pivotal role in securing investment from Anchor Capital in 2022. This strategic alliance saw Anchor Capital becoming a co-shareholder in Velociti Group Holdings, a testament to Tiaan’s strategic acumen and the credibility he has cultivated within the industry.

At present, Tiaan assumes the mantle of Managing Director, leading the Velociti Investment Managers team. His insights and input have been instrumental in aligning advisor and client needs with the overarching vision of the organization. Tiaan’s enduring commitment to elevating financial planning, his multifaceted expertise, and his leadership prowess make him a luminary in the realm of financial specialists..

Morne Rall

Morne Rall

Head of Operations and Investment Support

Morne Rall is a highly motivated investment professional with an impressive 22 years of experience within the investment industry. His diverse background encompasses retail unit trust sales, retirement product consulting, and institutional sales in the employee benefits arena. Morne’s unwavering commitment to service excellence and his ability to foster strong relationships with financial advisors have consistently enabled him to surpass sales targets, thereby elevating the brand and company profile with his clients.

Morne is recognized as a fully Fit and Proper Cat 1 representative for intermediary service and advice, underscoring his dedication to regulatory compliance and professionalism. In 2014, Morne embarked on his journey with Grindrod Asset Management (now known as Merchant West Investments), assuming the role of an Investment Consultant for the Pretoria and Johannesburg regions. Here, he provided invaluable service to Independent Financial Advisors. Recognizing his exceptional skills and leadership qualities, he was promoted in June 2016 to the position of Distribution Manager. In this role, he took on the crucial responsibility of managing the Bridge Investment Consultants team nationwide.

Prior to his tenure at Bridge, Morne held key positions at prominent financial institutions. He served as the Head of Technical Sales at PSG Wealth and also as an Advisor Liaison Manager at Investec. Morne’s extensive experience in the financial services industry spans over two decades, solidifying his reputation as a seasoned professional.

Morne is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP ) professional, further exemplifying his commitment to excellence within the industry. His qualifications include a Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from the University of the Free State (UFS), a B Com Hons in Business Management from the University of South Africa (UNISA), and a B Com in Industrial Psychology from the University of Johannesburg (previously RAU). Morne’s professional affiliations include being a member of the Institute of Financial Markets (IFM) since 2011, as well as the Financial Planning Institute (FPI) since 2010. He has successfully completed regulatory exams, including the RE5 exam through Moonstone and the Registered Persons Exam (RPE) through the South African Institute of Financial Markets. His proficiency extends to various financial products and tools, such as retirement and investment products, financial planning, unit trusts, asset management.

Morne Rall’s character is defined by qualities such as innovation, integrity, organization, and determination. His excellent interpersonal and communication skills, combined with his ability to present and sell effectively, make him a valuable asset to any team. Morne possesses problem-solving and decision-making acumen, which, coupled with his flexibility and resourcefulness, empower him to thrive in the dynamic world of finance. His unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction, along with his expertise in FE Profile Analytics, make him a trusted and accomplished Head of Operations and Investment Support.

Marc Thomas

Marc Thomas

Head of Velociti Investment Managers

Marc Thomas is a seasoned professional with an extensive 28-year background in the asset management industry, demonstrating profound expertise in business and product development. Having held pivotal roles, Marc’s journey in the industry has been marked by notable achievements.

With a tenure as the Marketing Director at Marriott Asset Management spanning six years, Marc’s strategic insights were instrumental in shaping the company’s direction. His journey continued at Grindrod, later known as Merchant West Investments, where he joined in 2011 as the Head of Business Development. During his time there, Marc’s acumen played a crucial role in expanding the firm’s horizons.

In 2016, Marc’s capabilities were recognized, and he was appointed as the Head of Research and Client Outcomes. This role necessitated his vigilance in staying attuned to the dynamic shifts within the investment landscape both locally and globally. His adeptness at integrating these developments into practical solutions for investors’ retirement plans showcased his commitment to delivering tangible results.

Evolving further, Marc’s initiatives in 2018 led to the establishment and management of model portfolios designed to provide enduring income streams for investors. This innovation underscored his dedication to addressing the financial needs of his clients, thereby solidifying his reputation as a forward-thinking leader.

In 2021, Marc’s journey took him to the attooh! group of companies, where he assumed the position of Head of Investments. In this influential role, he orchestrates the development of group model investment portfolios and extends essential investment support services to the company’s network of financial advisors. Marc’s presence adds a layer of expertise that resonates across the organization.

Marc Thomas’s contributions to the investment sector extend beyond his roles. As a respected figure, he frequently lends his insights as a speaker for various stakeholders within the industry. His presence at roadshows and workshops underscores his commitment to tackling the longevity challenge faced by investors navigating living annuities.

With a remarkable trajectory spanning nearly three decades, Marc Thomas continues to be an influential force within the investment industry, driving innovation, client-centric solutions, and enduring success.

Supporting Advisors

Velociti Group Holdings recognizes the unique challenges faced by financial advisors. From defining objectives in investment terms to optimizing portfolios individually and providing guidance on wealth management, we are committed to filling these gaps. Our mission is to enhance the capabilities of advisors, ultimately benefiting both you and your clients. We believe that when advisors thrive, their clients thrive.